General Information:

§     Full name:                              Republic of Turkey

§     Population:                            76,667,864(2013)

§     Capital :                                             Ankara

§     Largest city:                           Istanbul

§     Area:                                       783,562/km2

§      Official language:                 Turkish

§     Major Religion:                             Islam

§     Monetary unit:                       Turkish Lira ( ) (TRY)

§     Major exports:                       Textiles, Footwear, Asphalt, metals, Petroleum Items,

§     Internet domain:                          .tr

§     International dialing code :  +90

§     Main Cities:                            Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Konya.

§     Main Airports:                        Ataturk Int. Airport, Antalya Int. Airport, Sabiha Gokcen Int. Airport, Esenboga Int. Airport


Why study in Turkey?


§     The bridge to the world.

§     Lower annual tuition fees and much lower living expenses.

§     Wide range of courses.

§     Friendly environment.

§     Strong Education system.

§     Door to your dream Jobs.

§     High stander of life.

§     Fast Processing.

§     After completion of your course you may apply for post study work permit /Resident visa.

Job Permission:

§  Part time Work allowed.

Programs Available:

§     Foundation Courses

§     Diplomas

§     Undergraduate Courses

§     Postgraduate Courses

§     Research Degrees

Courses Available:

§     Accountancy, Finance, Business, Marketing, Management

§     Hotel & Tourism Management

§     International relations

§     Engineering

§     Agriculture

§     Computer Science

§     Medicine, Health, Dentistry, Nursing

§     Arts, Film and TV Productions

§     Law, Politics, Sociology, Journalism

§     Linguistics

Minimum Eligibility

§  Education:  Minimum Metric/O-Level.


There different types of Scholarships

§     i)  Merit Basis

§     ii) General

Do you find a scholarship? For More Information nsaimmigration@gmail.com,

Admission Requirements:

Educational Documents

Language Proficiency Certificate(if any)

Pass Port 1st and 2nd pages

ID Card



Experience Letter (if any)

Statement of Purpose

Information about Visa Application

Student Visa Document Checklists for Agents (http://karachi.cg.mfa.gov.tr/ShowInfoNotes.aspx?ID=172436)

Student Visa Requirements

            All Documents should be on A4 size papers

i)                   Completed 1 Visa Application Form, 2 photos affixed (biometric, 2 inch x 2 inch size, straight face, white background, no digital manipulation)

ii)                 Passport having validity of at least 180 days (6 months) with at least 2 blank pages

iii)               Cover letter

iv)               Acceptance letter from a Turkish University or Language Center

v)                 Airline ticket with flight details

vi)               Hotel voucher

vii)             Stamped and signed Bank statement of last 3 months with account maintenance certificate from the bank or affidavit of support

viii)           Photocopies of 1st page and visa pages of current and previous passports,

ix)       Photocopies of admission letter and diplomas (The original copies of admission letter and diplomas must be presented during the visa application and will be returned to applicant)

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