• Full name: Italian Republic
  • Population:  60,589,445
  • Capital:  Rome
  • Largest City: Rome
  • Area: 301,338 KM2
  • Language: Italian
  • Major Religions: Roman Catholicism
  • Monetary Unit: Euro Main export: Precision machinery, metals, metals product, clothing, footwear, chemicals.
  • Internet Domain: .it
  • International Dialing code: +39

Why Study in Italy

  • Partial and full scholarship available
  • Many English taught degree
  • One of the most oldest and renowned institution
  • Excellent education system
  • Opportunities for Employment
  • Opportunities for Residence Visa

Medium of Study

Italian and English are both medium of instructions

Programs Available

Foundation Courses

undergraduate Degrees

Post Graduate Degrees

Courses Available

  •   Accountancy, Finance, Business, Marketing, Management
  •   International relations
  •   Engineering
  •   Agriculture
  •   Computer Science
  •  Medicine, Health, Dentistry, Nursing
  •   Arts, Film and TV Productions
  •   Law, Politics, Sociology, Journalism

Minimum Eligibility

  • Education:  Minimum A-Level/HSSC (FSC/I. Com/FA/DAE….)




  • There are full and partial scholarships available.


Admission Requirements


  • Educational Documents
  • Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Pass Port 1st and 2nd pages
  • ID Card
  • Snap
  • CV
  • Experience Letter (if any)
  • Statement of Purpose