General Information

§  Full name:  Germany

§  Population: 81.8 million (2011)

§  Capital: Berlin

§  Largest city: Berlin

§  Area: 357,021 sq km

§   Official language: German

§  Major Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant

§  Currency: Euro

§  Main exports: Cars, Medicaments, packaged, Parts and accessories of the motor vehicles, Aircraft, spacecraft & launch vehicles, Machines and mechanical

§  Internet domain: .de

§  International dialing code: +49

§   Main Cities: Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Dunedin,

Why study in Germany

§  In Germany, students need to bear living expenses only.

§  Wherever tuition fee exceeds 200 euros, it includes free semester ticket which means student is entitled to travel FREE of cost in state where university is located. There are 16 states in Germany. This is a huge benefit for students. Traveling is very expensive in Germany.

§  Almost all universities teach German Language to foreign students  free of cost throughout his/her stay at university.

§  Student can change his program, university or even city without any problem. For that purpose, student has to has valid admission letter of other program or university.

§  Universities cafeterias normally offer subsidized good quality food to students which is cheaper than market.

§  Universities often arrange research/recreation/field trips which are also subsidized. Partial cost is paid by student and rest by university. There is free education. Maximum fee is 50-500 euro per semester. Unlike in English speaking countries.

§  For master programs, students initially get a visa for two years then it may be extended on yearly basis for next two years (so it becomes four years).

§  After getting degree, student is issued an additional one year visa i.e. JOB SEARCH VISA.

§  After completion of one program, student may also apply in another program and stay there.

§  Students are allowed to work for 90 FULL DAYS or 180 half days per year. Students normally work on restaurants, hotels, pizza shops or schwarmas shop throughout the year.

§  Unlike UK etc, where labor rates have gone down even at 3 pounds per hour, hourly rate is at least 6-9 euros per hour for students.

§  Some universities offer other facilities like free printing, scanning etc.

§  In a nutshell, there is no match with Germany

§  Where education and experience combine

§  International recognition of courses and degrees

§  Competitive Costs

§  Multiculturalism

§  Recreational wonderland

§  Worldwide recognized universities

§  Wide range of courses

§  fantastic sports and adventure activities

Job Permission

§  Up to 20 hours a week during course time

§  Full-time during vacation periods.

Medium of Study:

§  English/German

Programs Available

  • Foundation Courses
  • Undergraduate Diplomas
  • undergraduate Degrees
  • Post Graduate Diplomas
  • Post Graduate Degrees
  • Doctorate Degrees

Courses Available

§  Accountancy, Finance, Business, Marketing, Management

§  International relations

§  Engineering

§  Computer Science

§  Medicine, Health, Dentistry, Nursing

§  Arts, Film and TV Productions

§   Law, Politics, Sociology, Journalism

§  Linguistics

Documents required for Admission

§  Passport (Valid for at least 12 more months)

§  photo

§  CV

§  Letter of Motivation (SOP)

§  Two letter of recommendation (reference)

§  Certified copy of SSC & HSSC certificate & mark sheet

§  Certified copy of university studies completed or uncompleted with grades (i.e. Bachelor Degree)

Minimum Eligibility

§  Education:        FA/FSc /ICS/I. Com/A-Level

§  Funds:               Blocked Account (8040 Euro)


§  There different types of Scholarships

§   Merit Basis

§  General

Information about Visa Application

Visa Application:


§  Educational Documents


*      Metric and Inter from relevant Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, IBCC and Foreign Office.

*      Graduation and Post Graduation from HEC and Foreign Office.

§  Four photos (

§  Police Clearance Certificate

§  Health Insurance

§  Evidence of Funds:     € 8040/- blocked account

§  CV

§  SOP(Statement of Purpose)

Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office,

Attestations for students: (of a block bank account at Deutsche Bank),

Visa Application Fee,

Applicants Declarations:,

Security Questionnaire:

Polio Vaccination Declaration: