§  Full name: People’s Republic of china

§  Population: 1.344 Billion (2011)

§  Capital: Beijing

§  Largest city: Shanghai

§  Area: 9.7 million sq km (3.74 million sq miles)

§  Official language: Standard Chinese

§  Monetary unit: Renminbi (yuan) (¥)

§  Major Exports:  Electromechanical products, textiles, footwear, furniture, plastic products, bags and toys

§  Internet domain: .cn

§  International dialing code: +86

§  Main Cities: Beijing, Chongqing, shanghai, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Macau, Huaibei

Medium of Study

  •  English/Chinese

Programs Available

  • Foundation Courses
  • Undergraduate Diplomas
  • undergraduate Degrees
  • Post Graduate Diplomas
  • Post Graduate Degrees
  • Doctorate Degrees

Courses Available

§  Medicine, Health, Dentistry, Nursing

§  Engineering

§  Accountancy, Finance, Business, Marketing, Management

§  International relations

§  Agriculture

§  Computer Science

§  Arts, Film and TV Productions

§  Law, Politics, Sociology, Journalism, Linguistics

Minimum Eligibility

§  Education:        Metric/O-Level

§  IELTS:                Not Required

§  Funds:               Course Fee (Excluding the scholarship amount and Fee already paid) and Living cost


There different types of Scholarships

§  Merit Basis

§  General

Admission Requirements

  • Educational Documents
  • Pass Port 1st and 2nd pages
  • ID Card
  • Snap

Information about Visa Application

  •  Educational Documents


Metric and Inter from relevant Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, IBCC and Foreign Office.

Graduation and Post Graduation from HEC and Foreign Office.

  • Two photos (
  • Medical Certificate Form (
  • Police Clearance Certificate

 Visa Application Form

 MBBS/BDS in China

Chinese Medical Universities have been attracting   Students from all over the world since last few years. The Chinese Medical universities are recognized by WHO(World Health Organization), MCI(Medical Council of India) PMDC(Pakistan Medical and Dental Council)

The Chinese medical universities have top ranking in the world. The medical universities improve their ranking day by day due to new researches, inventions and student’s satisfaction.  Now a days a huge number of Asian students take admissions in Chinese Medical Universities due to various factors, like International Standards, High-quality Education, affordable study cost, friendly behavior of Chinese people, adaptable weather, absorbed in Chinese Culture, Studying in China safely  and the nearest highly ranked country in the Asia.

Engineering in China

Now a days Engineering in China is the first preference of every students and parents. In the recent years number of engineering students increased every coming year. The Chinese engineering has developed rapidly. move to china for becomes popular is becoming popular after medical programs in China for international students, the programs field taught in English is getting more and more wide, like Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecom Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Architecture, Software Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industry Engineering.